#2-1 Restoration: Williams Funhouse (FH)

My second project is the restoration of a 1990 Williams Funhouse pinball machine.  It’s an interesting concept, by Pat Lawlor, that evolves around fun & happinnes represented by Rudy; Rudy is a clown that keeps talking to the player and it’s head thrones on the top right side of the playfield with movable eyes, eyelids and mouth.

Compare the Funhouse you see on the flyer on the left to the Funhouse we have here in our workshop and be ready for a big surprise, haha…. The playfield glass of this one had shattered into the cabinet at some point and it has been sitting in a warehouse with it’s ‘insides’ exposed, meaning that a thick layer of dust covered every bit of of the playfield and it’s plastics.

Take a look at it’s origin state here:

[slideshow id=2]


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