Stern’s Metallica Custom Inside Decals

For all Metallica versions, fresh from our design studios! Purchase here: CLICK

Williams’s Congo Inside Art Decals

Hassanchop, our in-house graphics guru was busy again, this time he created Custom Inside Art for Williams’s Congo pinball machine. See images, please note that those that show the inside art applied in the machine were made with Photoshop and are not images of the real thing. Our Congo is not restored yet, therefore we have not applied the decals for […]

Dracula BSD Inside Decals Live View

httpvh:// The inside decals are available for purchase , please click HERE

Now Purchasable: Dracula BSD Custom Inside Art

Can be purchased here -> CLICK

BSD Inside Art: Upcoming

Bram Stoker’s Dracula Pinball Machines are soon becoming much more interesting to look at! We are currently working on brand new Inside Art Decals for this pinball title and we have a small preview right here, look:

Custom Art: Bally Theatre of Magic

The master of creatives hassanchop dit it again! After his Scared Stiff Custom Decals, he has now created even more beatifully this Theater of Magic inside decals so you and we can pimp our collections! Can be purchased in our shop -> CLICK  

Custom Playfield Side Decals for Bally’s Scared Stiff

We came up with some extremely cool playfield side decals for our Scared Stiff machine….  here is a preview, what do you think? You can purchase this decals now  in our shop ->  SCARED STIFF CUSTOM DECALS

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