New Insides Decals

Beautiful new Hand Drawn Inside Decals have finally arrived and are now listed on eBay!

Our new PinballPT Location

We are getting set up in our new location, here are some images.

Pinball World Cup Soccer WCS Goalie MOD

introducing our new Goalie mod for WCS.  We can now take out the original goalie that comes with the machine, and replace it with a goalie with an accurate uniform used in 94 at the world cup.  We have included many countries plus a chicken and a cow (lol) USA, Netherlands, Italy, Canada, Brasil, Spain, […]

T2 Backboard Decal

We reproduced the backboard decal for Williams#s Terminator 2 machine. Printed on laminated vinyl and die cut to fit exactly. Available on this ebay listing.

Warning Sign for Backbox

A few weeks ago we experimented scanning and printing the backbox warning sign in the so called Next Gen process, We were extremely pleased with the outcome. when passing with your hand over the letters you get the same textured feeling as the original silk screened print. The easiness and the speed of applying it […]


A customer mentioned not liking the original Demo Man Cab Decal and asked if we could provide an alternative…. we did not take long to decide to create one and here it is: Not for sale or resale due to copywritten contents! For more information contact more information contact


Made for the restoration of our Data East Checkpoint pinball machine, these look simply amazing, all the faded colors of yesteryear are gone, replaced by gorgeous and vibrant coloring. All the dots and half tone elements were 100% redone from scratch. Not for sale or resale! for more information contact

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