Pinball World Cup Soccer WCS Goalie MOD

introducing our new Goalie mod for WCS. 

We can now take out the original goalie that comes with the machine, and replace it with a goalie with an accurate uniform used in 94 at the world cup. 

We have included many countries plus a chicken and a cow (lol) USA, Netherlands, Italy, Canada, Brazil, Spain, Germany, Belgium, England, Portugal, France, Chicken and Cow. 
The mod comes with 1 goalie decal and a metal plate to hold it. It replaces parts 31-1924-8 and 03-9134.1. The metal plate and the decal are cropped very close to the art which eliminates the green background seen around the original part, that way you can see the goal better.

It’s available for 60 Euros including shipping worldwide, order here:

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