A customer mentioned not liking the original Demo Man Cab Decal and asked if we could provide an alternative…. we did not take long to decide to create one and here it is: Not for sale or resale due to copywritten contents! For more information contact more information contact


Made for the restoration of our Williams’s Junk Yard pinball machine, these look simply amazing, all the faded colors of yesteryear are gone, replaced by gorgeous and vibrant coloring. Not for sale or resale! for more information contact

Flintstones alternative Cab Set

We did this on special order for a customer and i would like to show it to everyone. The problem with Flintstones is that it is nearly impossible to reproduce the original decals with modern printing methods due to the gold colour that is included. Digital printing is not capable of faithfully print gold…. and […]

Terminator 2 Fully Loaded Modded – More Images

This are professional images made of the Terminator 2 machine we restored, made by the owner, who happens to be a professional photographer:

Cascais Pinball Fest October 4th 2014

New STTNG Hole Protector

While restoring a Star Treck The Next Generation machine we created a new hole protector for it, please see the images. You can purchase it here:

Coming Soon: Hole Protectors from PinballPT [UPDATE : HERE NOW]

[UPDATE] HERE NOW – > CLICK We were tired of waiting for hole protectors ordered on other pinball shops far away and often not available in stock, so we decided th make those that we need ourselves. The next thought was logically that we can offer them anyone interested via our shop… so that will be coming […]

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