Here is our selection of aprons replacements for your pinball machine. We offer regular Peel&Stick and also Magnetic versions for even more simplicity. Our selection on ebay:


Check out our offer of Speaker Panel Covers, Magnetic and Peel&Stick on ebay:


Check out our series of bat decals fro a variety of titles. All on sale on ebay:

Warning Sign for Backbox

A few weeks ago we experimented scanning and printing the backbox warning sign in the so called Next Gen process, We were extremely pleased with the outcome. when passing with your hand over the letters you get the same textured feeling as the original silk screened print. The easiness and the speed of applying it […]

Our ‘No Good Go(l)ofers’ is ready to rock!

This one turned out to be a long time project, some missed parts, we moved to another place, another projects in between … but in the end it is amazing to play a freshly new No Good Gofers pinball machine. It’s not a easy one to find.

Flintstones alternative Cab Set

We did this on special order for a customer and i would like to show it to everyone. The problem with Flintstones is that it is nearly impossible to reproduce the original decals with modern printing methods due to the gold colour that is included. Digital printing is not capable of faithfully print gold…. and […]

The Shadow – restoration images

A friend in Germany restored his The Shadow and used a cab decal set made by us, we think the machine came outĀ fabulous, check it out:

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