Cascais Pinball Cup 2015 Resume

Just a quick report about our first tournament event that took place on June 27th. We had 9 participants and a few spectators (not so many), it was a very hot day so we think that many people preferred to go to the beach. Also our marketing was not very professional after all, more could have been done.  We started around 15:00 and finished at 18:30.

The qualifying took place on 12 machines of which the participants had to choose 7 each to play. For the playoff we had 7 machines which all had to play . the semi-final was played on The Addams Family and the final on Fish Tales.

For us it was a very good experience in getting to now how to handle such a tournament, how the mechanics of counting the points work, how much time things take, etc.

We are determined to repeat the Cascais Pinball Cup latest next year of not earlier!