Williams NGG – No Good Goofers – Decal Set

Made for the restoration of our Williams’s No Good Go(o)(l)fers pinball machine, these look simply amazing, all the faded colors of yesteryear are gone, replaced by gorgeous and vibrant coloring. Not for sale or resale! for more information contact info@pinballpt.com

Flintstones alternative Cab Set

We did this on special order for a customer and i would like to show it to everyone. The problem with Flintstones is that it is nearly impossible to reproduce the original decals with modern printing methods due to the gold colour that is included. Digital printing is not capable of faithfully print gold…. and […]

No Fear

Collected images of the restore work we did on a William’s No Fear. Note that this NF bears Fred Freres, the designer of the title, signature three times. We also applied our inside cab decals here.

Our STTNG Star Trek Next Generation Inside Decal Set

This beautiful set is on sale at our store  here:  http://tinyurl.com/ng6vnsn

New Custom Decals Cabinet Set for Sega’s X-Files

We received a suggestion from Mark at www.docpinball.com  to create a set of decals for Sega’s X-Files. Mark said that the art work on this machines is originally of low quality and is always faded and colorless, apart from not being particularly beautiful nor creative. We liked the idea and took up the challenge and this is […]

New Sideboard Decals: Stern’s Iron Man

Yep, they are here, our newest sideboard decals for Stern’s Iron Man machine. You can order them here -> CLICK

Our Congo Custom Sideboard Decals

Today we applied our custom made Sideboard Decals on our collection machine, that we almost done restoring, check it out. They can be purchased at our shop -> CLICK.

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