#1-5 DE Star Wars Restore: Nice Detail of cleaned posts 530-5035-01

We cleaned the most used posts on this machine, part # 530-5035-01. Hard tedious work but at a new price of  EUR1.75 a piece x ~30 it was well worth it. Look at the detail before and after:

#1-4 Restoration: Star Wars (SW) The Flipper Up Problem [solved]

After replacing the flipper kits the left side flipper seems to stay stuck in the up position when entering the machine tests.  Here are some pics of the state of the coil. Cause: TIP36C shorted due to fuses holder broken and shorting with neighboring fuse holder. Got TIP36C replaced but had to order fuse holders from the UK and […]

#1-3 Restoration: Star Wars (SW)

Just some more pics of the ongoing restoration of this pin. Polishing, cleaning, dusting, cleaning…. not the amount of fat on the death star mechanism…. oh did  mention cleaning already?

#1-2 Restoration: Star Wars (SW)

Another day at the shop, we started the cleaning process: playfield, plastics, metal polishing, etc….

#2-1 Restoration: Williams Funhouse (FH)

My second project is the restoration of a 1990 Williams Funhouse pinball machine.  It’s an interesting concept, by Pat Lawlor, that evolves around fun & happinnes represented by Rudy; Rudy is a clown that keeps talking to the player and it’s head thrones on the top right side of the playfield with movable eyes, eyelids […]

#1-1 Restoration: Data East Star Wars (SW)

This is my first restoration work at the new workshop, a 1992 Data East Stat Wars pin. The machine was basically working  but barely for much longer. It’s condition was very deteriorated with broken targets and plastics, over painted cabinet, millimeters of dirt crust about everywhere… eg. the usual :-). I say ‘basically working’ because both motors did work, […]

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